AMD Dual-Core Opteron as soon as Q2 05

@ 2005/03/25
The hottest processor issue is undoubtedly dual-core and both AMD and Intel are rushing to be first to cross the finishing line. Made with dual-core in mind, AMD Opteron looks to be ahead of schedule and, the AMD specialist, has the latest AMD Opteron roadmap to prove it. According to the confidential document, AMD Opteron 2XX/8XX at 95W should hit the shelves as soon as Q2 2005. But that's not all! On the low-power side, AMD Opteron 2XX/8XX HE at 55W should see the light in Q3 05 while the 30W, rated EE, is planned for Q4 05. If you consider the 102W difference with a Intel Xeon then you might understand what kind of huge pressure Intel is now enduring...

Both AMD Opteron roadmap and AMD Opteron vs. Intel Xeon Consumption charts are at

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