AeroCool AeroEngine Jr Case review

@ 2005/03/24
"Not a decade ago, most computer systems looked exactly the same. Beige, simple looking cases and monitors were norm all over the place. However with the dramatic rate the computer industry is progressing today, and with most modern households having at least oĀ*ne PC available has created many different needs. The beige, dull looking cases had to go since aesthetics matter a lot to most people. Recently, cases began to change at a rapid rate, with most companies offering modern designs and colors to match every mood and pocketbook. Today, I have a futuristic case to check out, which looks more like an airplaneā€™s engine than a computer case, the AeroEngine Jr. The AeroEngine Jr is made by AeroCool, which is a relatively new company in the computer industry, established during 2002 in the USA. They have their own R&D and manufacturing ability, so they are able to grow fast and quickly in the industry. Let us see if the AeroEngine Jr case can really take off."

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