OCZ Announces PC3200 Gold Series with 2-2-2 Timings

@ 2005/03/24
OCZ Technology Group, a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory, today announced the release of the ultra-fast PC-3200 Gold Edition DDR.

As part of the award winning OCZ Gold series, PC-3200 Gold is built with leading edge technology designed to provide users with performance features capable of excelling in even the most demanding computing environments. At DDR400, PC-3200 Gold modules deliver heart-pounding 2-2-2 timings enabling optimal system performance. The PC-3200 Gold series also offers ULN2 (Ultra Low Noise) technology which utilizes optimized printed circuit boards to significantly reduce electrical noise and enhance overall speed and stability across all applications.

"OCZ is pleased to continue the legendary performance achieved by the Winbond BH-5 memory components by acquiring chips manufactured on the identical process," said Dr. Michael Schuette, Director of Technology Development at OCZ Technology. "The new Gold Series was designed specifically with the gaming community in mind; low latency reaction times require low latency memory for the most lethal encounters."

OCZ PC-3200 products are 100% hand-tested to ensure compliance with stringent quality standards. In addition, each member of the OCZ Gold PC-3200 family is encased in a sleek, gold mirrored copper heatspreader for efficient heat dissipation and is backed by toll-free technical support, the exclusive EVPĀ® (Extended Voltage Protection) coverage and an industry-leading lifetime warranty for hassle-free piece of mind.

Keeping the OCZ Gold series tradition, the extremely affordable PC-3200 Gold delivers exceptional performance and unparalleled reliability - a state-of-the-art solution for gamers everywhere.

For more information on the OCZ PC-3200 Gold Series, please visit our product page here.

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