Thermalrock <> Thermaltake ?

@ 2005/03/23
Anyone seen this division of Thermaltake?

Comment from jmke @ 2005/03/23
Comment from Sidney @ 2005/03/23
Wrong Thread
Comment from jmke @ 2005/03/23
March 2005 - Taipei, Taiwan – Thermaltake Technology takes another big step towards Global Brand Name Marketing, announced ThermalRock as a Division of Thermaltake.

This new division of Thermaltake was established by a group of multinational Research & Design, and Marketing elites. ThermalRock is specialized in the design and manufacture of aluminum, copper and metallic alloy products that raise industry standards, while remaining cost effective. Its expertise in thermal solutions and industrial design have assisted ThermalRock in creating innovative computer peripherals that users will appreciate and makes it the index of many followers. With the rises of HTPC plus integration of PC and home appliances, ThermalRock is providing series of digital entertainment style PC peripherals that users can complete their Digital Home Entertainment Center with and be proud of. ThermalRock will continue to focus on the creation of HTPC applications to make it the leader of Digital Entertainment in the PC industry.

As its slogan states, " ", ThermalRock provides superior creativity in multifunctional cases, it is producing durable and effective power supplies, and it succeed in structuring efficient and ultra-silent coolers.

ThermalRock's goal is to provide more skillful and original designs while maintaining our product quality and affordability. The ability to surpass what is common is what allows it to ROCK the industry.

More info about ThermalRock

About ThermalTake
Thermaltake Incorporation, based in Taipei, Taiwan is the global leader Thermal Solution and Thermal Management for PC & Industrial Market. Its Engineering Staffs masters in Airflow Analysis, Material Conductivity and Heat Dissipation Efficiency. Thermaltake offers a wide range of products and services, providing effective and cost-conscious cooling devices. The Company has more than 1,000 employees worldwide supporting customers from its headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan, as well as from offices in China, Europe and United States
Comment from Sidney @ 2005/03/23
Thermalrock/Thermaltake has been sending promotional emails out for quite sometimes.
Comment from jmke @ 2005/03/23
if they are too much flooding one market with brand 1 they can use another brand to further push their products. It's a known method