NVIDIA SLI Support - Getting Better

@ 2005/03/23
new driver from NVIDIA has improved SLI support and brought new features to the table. Inside we not only test this latest driver, focusing on SLI support and performance, but we also comment on what we would like to see in the future iterations of NVIDIA’s SLI........

We are also concerned with NVIDIA’s method of SLI since there are apparently some games that simply do not receive the performance benefit of SLI no matter what. In the case of Flight Simulator 2004, for example, we tried AFR, AFR2 and SFR but received no performance increase. We wonder if there is other games out there that will never see the performance benefit of SLI. It would make you feel kind of cheated if you bought your brand new SLI rig and find out the game you play the most will not receive the performance benefit of SLI even if you create your own profile and try every SLI method.

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