AMD Athlon64 3800+ Socket 939 64-bit CPU

@ 2005/03/23
The Athlon64 3800+ uses an organic FCPGA packaging as opposed to the ceramic found on Athlon64 FX chips. From the top, the Athlon64 3800+ looks identical to the Athlon64 3200+. On the bottom of the processor, it is simply filled with pins, although this shouldn't be a surprise considering the amount of pins in the new socket 939 package. Along with the introduction of the Socket 939 Athlon64 3800+, AMD also released the Socket 939 Athlon64 3500+ (2.2 GHz) and moved its high end Athlon64 FX-53 (2.4 GHz) over to the Socket 939 platform. Subsequent processors have since been released for both the Athlon64 and Athlon64 FX, but the 3800+ was the first to make the transition.


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