Logitech MX518 Gaming Mouse

@ 2005/03/18
Are you a hardcore gamer that still uses the basic, bland mouse? Are you looking to add improvements to your gameplay, so you don't look like a noob online? Logitech's MX510 Series of mice are great, but they looked to improve it even more, by adding the ability to change the DPI on the fly. How does the MX518 do in our review?

Comment from FreeStyler @ 2005/03/21
re read the post plz.
I said they are promoting the MX518 as being the ultimate CORDED (not cordless) mouse.

This while they are claiming that their laser tech is so much better.
A corded mouse should have no problem powering whatever you throw at it, so why still use leds?

MX1000 wireless and laser
MX518 wired and LED
My Mouse, wired and laser.
the MX510 will have to hold out untill then. I'm not wasting money every step of the impovement ladder. Especially not with some already standing on the next step.
Comment from jmke @ 2005/03/21
MX518 is not wireless afaik FreeStyler
Comment from pogicraft @ 2005/03/21
i thought the mx1000 was a wireless only mouse and the mx518 will also be a laser mouse
Comment from FreeStyler @ 2005/03/20
all this commotion about the MX1000 "laser" mouse. and they release another LED mouse as being the ultimate corded mouse.

What's wrong here???