TDK outlines 50GB Blu-ray disk plans

@ 2005/03/18
STORAGE GIANT TDK is developing a double layer Blu-ray disk which will store 50GB of data, the Nikkei Business Daily reports.
And it has also developed a Blu-ray recordable disk which uses silicon and copper alloy which is ready to be released just as soon as the Blu-Ray Disk Association comes to a conclusion on the putative standard.

The Japanese newspaper said that the double layer disk contains enough storage to throw six hours of digital television on it. Unfortunately it doesn't contain an on-line intelligent editor to filter out much of the rubbish bored couch potatoes face.

But, the recordable Blu-Ray disk TDK has readied will write data and multimedia fast, and won't need a separate cartridge to protect it because of the way it's designed. ยต

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