LiteOn SOHW-1673S 16X DVD Writer

@ 2005/03/13
Again, LiteOn have come out with another great DVD Writer, the
SOHW-1673S. The SOHW-1673S was a very good optical drive in terms of
performance. The overall performance was much better than the previous
model which is the SOHW-1653S. The drive itself is very stable during the
reading/writing of any CD/DVD media. As for the noise level, it was much
quiet compare to the all the previous model. Furthermore, the sample unit
that I receive is a Black Bezel unit. I think most of the users now is
looking for the Black Bezel drive. Since it looks much nicer compare to
the beige bezel drive. The LiteOn SOHW-1673S DVD Writer is a worthy
solution of the new 16x Dual Layer DVD writer. Highly Recommended!

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