Revoltec Star Series Chromus II RPS-450V2 PSU

@ 2005/03/13
How times have changed recently. It was not so long ago that all power supply units were grey, dull looking with o*nly the necessary cables o*n them and no stronger than 250-300 watts peak power output. Today those are vastly outdated by power supply units which are at least twice as strong and much better looking. What happens if an innovative mind decides to design o*ne for good performance with a distinctive appearance? The Revoltec Chromus II comes into existence. Revoltec is a subsidiary of Listan. Listan was founded during the year 2000 and is based in Glinde, Germany. Except being a distributor for well known and established brands o*nly, Listan established their own brands, Revoltec and Be-Quiet. Today they already hail 4000 resellers in 24 countries. The Chromus II is the most recent successor in the Chromus line, which is o*nly 7 to 8 months old with many and interesting improvements.

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