Steelpad QcK+ Mouse Pad

@ 2005/03/11
We review all kind of stuff here at Bjorn3D, but I cannot remember us reviewing very many mouse pads before. Let’s admit it, in our quest to improve our computers, a lot of us probably forget about the mouse pad and still use one of the cheap ones that came with the computer or none at all.

If you lift your eyes a bit though, you’ll quickly see that there is a huge market out there, mainly amongst gamers, for mouse pads that allow the gamers to get the best sensitivity possible. Steelpad is a company that has a great reputation for their mouse pads. Their main products are various mouse pads in steel. I’ve tried a few, and they are really cool.

The mouse pad I am reviewing today is however made out of a completely different material. The Steelpad QcK+ is not only a mouse pad made of thin cloth, it is also a huge mouse pad.

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