Cebit 2005 Coverage & Reports

@ 2005/03/11
Our [M] crews will be marching to Hannover within hours. For now, enjoy what we are collecting around right here.

Cebit 2005 - Day 1

Asetek Vapochill Micro first-look - from bit-team

CeBIT-News 2005 Tag 1
Planet 3DNow! has completed day 1 of CeBIT 2005 and we've
published plenty of new information. If your own team haven't had the
chance to visit Hannover, you will find all important reports of day 1 here

XFX 512MB SLi pictures and benchmarks
We have a first look at a 512MB 6800 Ultra SLi set up, including benchmarks run on Need for Speed Underground 2. See what difference 1GB of graphics memory makes! We also see a new venture for XFX : SATA RAID cards that use just 2% of CPU time with an onboard processor.
Comment from Sidney @ 2005/03/15
The Pentium M's CPU Converter For The Desktop

Asus advertises with THG
Comment from kristos @ 2005/03/14
well that's a dumb move...

couldn't they just use dip switches and a 90° fanconnector?

I wonder how they will make that work since I don't see any mouning holes on their convertor, so the stock heatsink is a nono.

maybe it's still a preproduction design and we won't see any of this on the final version
Comment from agent #2 @ 2005/03/14
Sorry for the typo.

Hmm yeah I don't know that either. I thought the P-M was lower then the P4. To put an P4 heatsink on the aopen board you had to modify the retention bracket. But there's a power connector and a jumper in the way I see?
Comment from jmke @ 2005/03/14
Originally posted by agent #2
did you guys say this?
I saw it today, looks nifty and small, but don't think P4 coolers can be used
Comment from Sidney @ 2005/03/14
Dual core Pentium 4 won't work on 925 & 915

CeBIT 2005 Some pin signalling incompatibility

EVEN THOUGH INTEL made the 8xx generation of its dual core Pentiums socket compatible with its current socket 775, we are hearing that its new dual core CPUs won't work on existing boards.
It's socket compatible, so you will be able to plug it into the same sort of place, but you won't be able to make it work. It seems that the CPU has turned out to be somewhat incompatible with existing 915 and 925 socket 775 motherboards.

The motherboard manufacturers will have to redesign the motherboard in order to make dual core 8xx CPUs work in existing motherboards but it's unlikely that anyone will do such a thing.

Early adopters of socket 775 will have to buy a new motherboard based on the 945 or 955 chipset in order to make their new dual core CPU work.

Many won't be happy to replace their motherboards just months after they bought them but they really don’t have any other choice. µ
Comment from jmke @ 2005/03/14
say = zeggen
saw = gezien

ontopic: did not catch it, we had 27 halls to cover in 7 hours
Comment from agent #2 @ 2005/03/13
did you guys say this?

Comment from jmke @ 2005/03/13
Cebit was cool
Comment from Sidney @ 2005/03/12
Athlon 64 revision E won't work on some Nforce 3/4 boards
CeBIT 2005 Ouch AMD

PROBLEMS APPEAR to be affecting Athlon 64 revision E chips on some Nforce 3 and Nforce 4 motherboards. Symptoms include motherboard shut down and failure to boot, according to reports here from CeBIT.
Revision E chips from AMD are just released and brings stuff like SSE3 support inside a 90 nanometre die. AMD on the other hand didn't make a big noise about its announcement.

We learned that if you have this Athlon and already have Nforce 3 or Nforce 4 board that there is a big chance that you may encounter problems. We are told that AMD changed its thermal regulation protection and that's what makes it incompatible with at least some of the Nforce 3 and Nforce 4 boards out there.

In order to solve these problems, new motherboards might be necessary and there doesn't appear to be an instant fix. We are attempting to gather more details here in Hannover.

CeBit 2005: MSI's 'digital' SLI bridge
We have exclusive information on a world-first jumperless SLI solution from MSI - it does not require an configuration card, or jumpers like what have been seen on the current crop of AMD-based NForce 4 SLI motherboards.

This is one of the latest features from

Comment from Sidney @ 2005/03/12
Intel IDF 2005: What's New and Exciting @ InsaneTek

Every year, Intel gets together some of their business partners for a gathering. For those who don't know, IDF is short for Intel Developer Forum. This is where Intel gets to brag and boast about their achievements the past year and announce upcoming technology for the future. This is my first attendance at IDF, and the experience was rather exhausting. Exhausting in a good way? Not really. Frankly, I expected to be more intrigued by the event. I guess the computer technology excitement is slowing down for me.

Article URL:
Comment from Sidney @ 2005/03/11
Epox has i945PE board
CeBIT 2005
Comment from Sidney @ 2005/03/11
Microsoft to exchange 32 bit Windows for 64

CeBIT 2005 For free

WE MET a senior Microsoft bloke, a member of the Windows 64 bit group and he told us that within three months customers will be able to replace its existing copy for a brand new Windows 64 bit version.
The RTM (Release to Manufacture) version is soon to be ready. Official release is expected toward the end of the April as we originally suggested in our previous part.

We were quite surprised with this noble action and Microsoft has been very nice to the early 64 bit supporters giving away all the betas for free. This finally wiped away all our fears that users of existing 32 bit Windows will have to go out and buy a copy of new 64 bit Windows.

OEMs will have the power to decide what they want to do as some decides to exchange its windows while some will not. It all depends how you run your business.

Once it's released you will have to register at Microsoft site and will fill the form, download your Windows 64 bit company and will get your activation key on your e mail, we understood. This is exactly how you could get Windows 64 bit Release Candidate 2.

. We finally lived to the moment when we are actually close to see this product launched, incidentally just after Intel announced its first 64 bit part. µ
Comment from Sidney @ 2005/03/11
CeBIT: AMD Sempron 3200+ Socket 939

our team has found a new AMD Sempron 3200+ for socket 939 instead of
socket 754:
Comment from Sidney @ 2005/03/11
Nvidia presents Nforce 4 for Intel

WE WERE TOLD that this is not an official launch than rather a marchitecture preview but today the first day of CeBIT Nvidia revealed its Nforce 4 for Intel chipset.
The company did the same thing at IDF but still doesn't consider this product as a launched one. Motherboards are still not out there even a few companies such as Epox and Abit have them up and running.

Nvidia's new chipset is a high end SLI Pentium chipset only and Nvidia will not be allowed to make any non enthusiastic part out of it, at least not for the time being. It is a dual PCIe board with FSB 1066 support and some neat things such as S-ATA 2 in Raid Five. Nvidia demonstrated that the drives are hot swappable in this mode and company executives didn’t amuse the crowd by talking about firewalls and security.

It revealed that the company has Ntune for this Intel board as well, a tool that will let you overclock from Windows.

Nvidia officially confirmed that it shipped 350,000 SLI and over a million Nforce 4 chipsets and claims that 95 per cent of all SLI boards are being sold with two graphic cards. Nvidia captured 48 pe rcent of the K8 chipset market. Via is obviously asleep, if this is true.

The chipset is officially expected soon as some of the boards are actually ready. Nothing more of interest came out of this presentation and Nvidia still enjoys its NV40 based graphic marchitecture. Still nothing new on this front. It is pure spintronics. µ

Cebit 2005 impression

Cebit is one of the largest IT fairs in the world making it a good place for manufacturers to showcase their new products. Everything that is even slightly connected to IT can be found there: new hardware, software, telecom, services and gaming. Being Teamhardware we of course focused on hardware. As every year we’ve traveled there to give you a report on what’s new.