First Turion 64 Notebook Specification Posted

@ 2005/03/09
AMD Turion 64 is the latest AMD answer to Intel Centrino supremacy with low consumption of 25 and 35 Watts and all the features that made AMD Athlon 64 so popular like quantispeed, AMD64, SSE and SSE2 compatibility and many more. Today AMDboard is first to have the specification of the first known AMD Turion 64 notebook the M622-DK8X. The puppy offers a choice of ATI graphic cards ATI MOBILITY RADEON X300 (CSP32/64MB) & ATI MOBILITY RADEON X600 (CSP64/128MB), 15" TFT monitor, hard drive from 40 to 80GB, DVD DL combo, and best of all, a choice of AMD Turion 64 processor starting at 1.6GHz (ML28).More of this at

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