Pentium M to get 64-bit support, Extreme Edition

@ 2005/03/09
A LOT OF PM NEWS floating around IDF last week. Let's get you caught up on the newer bits. First, there is a new socket, but we are not sure whether it is for Yonah, Sossaman or both. Either way, it has 480 pins, supports dual CPUs, and has a tag under the socket that looks like the picture below.

What more is there to say? How about Napa64 and a PM-EE? The PM-EE is more interesting of the two, it is a Yonah with the lid blown off the TDP. If you can have really good performance with the current 31w, imagine what you could do with 60? If, and I do mean IF, the project gets green lighted, expect it in late Q1/06 at ~2 apwwd bins above the current Yonah clock. That currently is 2.5GHz, and Yonah is currently capable of multipliers that will bring it above 3.0GHz, so it should be an pretty easy SKU to bring out.

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