A64 500Mhz HTT barrier broken on DFI LP UT NF4 SLI-D

@ 2005/03/06
Hot off the presses tonight at XtremeResources, our very own MrIcee has broken the barrier of HTT speed and stability and managed to hit an incredible 500Mhz HTT speed aboard the DFI UT LP NF4 SLI-D board. This speed has been achieved before, but this time it has been CPU-Z verified and validated. MrIcee ,in an afternoon of non-stop overclocking, first achieved 370Mhz HTT 1-1 performance utilizing g.Skill PC4400LE which was running at DDR740 @ 2.9v. Once that limit was reached, he decided to see how far the board and 3500+ Winchester core A64 would go using the myriad of dividers in the DFI's excellent bios. The next limit occurred when he reached the bios' FSB/HTT limit of 465Mhz using the 133 divider. He went to the well and installed Clockgen for the nForce4 and took it to the next plateau of 475MhzHTT and the 133
divider. After a myriad of benches were run to determine stability and repeatability, ClockGen was pushed to it's limit of 500MhzHTT....this time necessitating the use of the 100 divider which brought the ram in running at 250Mhz, or DDR500. Multiple benches were run including 3DMark '03 and '05, Hexus PiFast, Aquamark and SiSoft Sandra memory benches in the most stable fashion.

His only wish was that the the clock generator could be pushed higher

All runs were achieved on air, and 3D runs were done with a pair of nVidia 6600GT's running in SLI mode at their stock speed of 550/1100. The board is as recieved from DFI (Thank you Vivian Lien and OPPAINTER) with no modications. Its running the as shipped 1/25/05 bios and the only deviation was the removal of the nForce4 chipsets heatsink fan for cleanup and an application of Arctic Silver 5.

In the near future MrIcee will be sporting a custom built phase change CPU cooling arrangement, and is hoping to take the little Winchester to the next level when he'll be able to utilize higher multipliers to go with the extraordinary HTT speeds.

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