SilverStone LC11 Home Theater PC Case

@ 2005/03/04
Acrylic windows, neon and strobe lights, Day-Glo colors, and vaguely alien shapes may be appealing for desktop PC cases, but you probably don't want a large, showy case as part of your home theater setup, especially if you share your home with a significant other who has significantly more style than you. Additionally, home theater PC's need to be quiet. Fan and disk noise are easy to overlook if you're blasting MP3's while blasting Ant Lions, but white noise isn't welcome when you're watching a movie, especially if it's a quiet passage involving romance (I'm thinking of your significant other again). Purpose-built home theater PC cases are becoming more readily available, and today I look at SilverStone Technology's LC11 from their LaScala line of home theater PC enclosures.

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