XG Vortec 500W Power Supply

@ 2005/03/02
The Vortec 500W is a great looking power supply with enough juice to power even most demanding hardware. The sleek and stylish blue coloured aluminium housing looks great with the sleeved power cables. Besides that, I wished that the Vortec 500W came with a 24-pin power connector (just like the ModStream) and maybe another 6-pins PCI-E power connector. Priced at just $90, the Vortec 500W has a very strong place in the power supply market. If you’re a gamer or looking for the right hardware for your case mod project, the Vortec 500W power supply should be the right choice for you!

Comment from Sidney @ 2005/03/03
The Thermaltake 420Watts has trim pots. After a quarter turn on the 5 and 12 V rails, it idles at 12.4 and load at 11.98; it was 11.98 and 11.50 prior. Compared the loads with OCZ Powerstream 420 using P4 2.8E @3.57 GHz 255 FSB, TT is holding okay. It wasn't Prime95 stable before the adjustment, now it is.

To recommend a $90 PSU that holds on to the low end 12 volt rail with only 20-pin connector in 2005, it's no more than saying every free sample is good with no pun intended.

I should be grateful with my Rosewill 450 Watts $30 PSU having similar results and kick myself for spending $90 on the OCZ Powerstream. uke: