S3 takes ATI head on

@ 2005/03/01
S3 GRAPHICS is working on a new graphics product to compete with ATI's X600 series of cards, according to a report over at ExtremeTech.
Launched under the GemmaChrome name, S3 are expected to debut the chip at the Intel Developer Forum later on this week. It will push HDTV compatibility and low power consumption as key selling features.

According to the report, which quotes long-time INQ favourite Nadeem Mohammad from S3, the chip will have a core clock up to 500MHz and a memory clock of up to 450MHz, with 4 vertex pipelines. It will support Shader Model 2.0.

S3 has had some success in Europe by selling cards through its partnership with Club3D, who are reliably reported to have a legendary reputation for selling cards based on ATI, Nvidia and S3 chips all at once.

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