@ 2005/02/23
CHAINTECH is releasing is first NVIDIA 6200 Turbo cache VGA card.

this graphic card will constitue the enter level of PCI Xpress solution.

The public price in 16mb shoud be arround 65€ with VAT.

GeForce6200 TurboCache series target the low-end market. To compete with the onboard graphics, NVIDIA launched the chipset that utilizes Turbo Cache technology, and named it GeForce6200 TurboCache. It consists of 4 pipelines, and utilizes Shader Model 3.0 and DirectX9.0. Through PCI-Express’ high speed structure, GeForce6200 TurboCache, rendering directly to system memory, only needs 16MB to 64MB to achieve the same technology as the onboard graphics, which renders directly to system memory, instead of using local memory on the graphics card.

GeForce6200 TurboCache graphics cards, adhering to the PCI Express x16 format, providing 8GB/sec. transfer rate. Also, it possesses CineFX™ 3.0 engine, UltraShadow™ II technolog, which provides high-resolution graphics. The new generation Intellisample™ 3.0 allows the display of 3D graphics ultra performance. The PCI Express high efficient graphics cards with low-profile architecture can be used in PC, mini PC, workstation and Slimtype PC.

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