Thermaltake Purepower 680watt PSU

@ 2005/02/21
" This beefed up power supply by Thermaltake, is o*ne of the few o*n the market currently to feature two PCI Express connectors, and also includes four SATA connectors, along with 3 separate +12V rails. All the power cables are sleeved in different colors, to differentiate the type of connectors. Thermaltake advertises this power supply to produce 680 watts of clean power, along with support for the latest motherboards and other components.

The Thermaltake PurePower 680W Power Supply features a plethora of connectors. It comes with a 24-pin power connector for the motherboard, but also includes a 24-pin to 20-pin adapter so this power supply will be compatible with most motherboards currently o*n the market. You will have plenty of expandability, with this power supply furnishing ten 4-pin Molex power connectors. You'll also find four 5-pin SATA connectors. Dual 80 millimeter fans are included with the Thermaltake PurePower 680 watt power supply, and a classy touch was the addition of the gold plated fan grills o*n the exterior of the unit. This unit also includes two 6-pin PCI Express connectors. Air vents o*n the side of this power supply assure good thermal management features, along with the beefy internal aluminum heat sinks, in combination with the afore mentioned 2 x 80mm fans. This particular power supply is advertised by Thermaltake to o*nly produce 17 dBA, and I can honestly say that anyone needing a quiet power supply, will not be disappointed by this model. It is virtually silent compared to some of the high powered case fans I utilize."

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