nVidia NV50 Specs?

@ 2005/02/21
I've come accross some interesting new details on the nv50. remember it can be just a rumor or dunno, so take it with a little grain of slat

These are the Specs for Nvidia's NV50

375-400 million of transistor on 90-nm process
550-600 MHz core
1600 MHz 256Mb (Support for upto 512Mb) GDDR3
Graphics Core 256-bit
Memory Interface 256-bit
32 (24 real) pixels pipelines (on the Ultra model)
32 Vertex Shader Engines
51.2 GB/sec Bandwidth (GDDR 3)
Fillrate 12.8 billion texetls /sec.
Textures per Pixel 32 (maximum in a single redering pass)
Nvidia's LMA - IV
DirectX 9.0d UMI-23
Release date Q3 2005.

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