Mushkin PC2-4200 CL3

@ 2005/02/21
Mushkin is an active leader in the memory market today with their release
of blazing fast low latency PC3200 memory and DDR2 memory in mid-2004.
When I took a look at Mushkin’s DDR2-533 CL4 memory a few weeks ago, I was
quite amazed with the performance it offered, but I was also disappointed
by the lack of performance increase when I overclocked those modules.
Today, I will be taking a look at Mushkin’s DDR2-533 CL3 memory which
offer an all-time low 3-2-2-8 DDR2 memory timings at 1.8v! I am hoping to
find that these modules will offer greater performance than the CL4
modules; let’s take a look!


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