HP DVD 640i - A First Look at LightScribe Disc Labeling Technology

@ 2005/02/20
while back, Yamaha introduced their innovative CRW-F1 CD writer that gave users the ability to label their discs right from their drive. While this feature, called DiscT@2, was indeed quite impressive and sparked quite a bit of interest, it certainly had its drawbacks. For one, you could only "tattoo" your discs on the data side, reducing the maximum storage capability of your media. It also required CDR media with a special darker (blue) colored dye in order to yield the best results. Fortunately, at least the one major drawback has been addressed, thanks to Hewlett Packard's exclusive new disc labeling technology called LightScribe. Drives featuring this new technology allow users to create and burn their labels where they should be...on the label side of the disc. But does it still have its disadvantages? Today, we take a first look at LightScribe and show you how it works and why so many have such a strong interest in these new and upcoming drives.

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