XG Sidewinder case review

@ 2005/02/18
XG, What is XG? I asked that very same question when I saw their booth at the CES 2005 show. XG founded in 1990, makes great electronic products from cases to power supplies. While I won’t be bragging about their “Magnum” power supply unit I saw there, I do however have 2 cases from them I picked up to check out a little closer than I was able to in Vegas. I am talking about the Sidewinder and Viper Xtreme Gamer Cases.

First I want to talk about the XG Sidewinder, a case that emphasizes basic clean design concepts with the look that says it can take o*n the best. From the flat clean front bezel to the big sky window bragging what it has under the hood this case is a modded case owner's dream. For those with no time to upgrade a core piece of any computer but want to get noticed at any LAN party, XG has a case for you.

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