Albatron K8X890 Pro II K8T890 Motherboard

@ 2005/02/18
In a few days time, VIA will present AMD with its 100 Millionth chipset. Quite a feat for a collaboration that has already been 10 years in the making. Today we're going to look at an Albatron K8X890 Pro II motherboard which uses VIA's new K8T890 chipset, so you know what that means - PCI Express videocards! This Albatron motherboard supports all Socket 939 AMD Athlon 64 or FX processors as well as up to 4GB of unbuffered non-ECC PC3200 DDR memory (in dual channel). The VIA K8T890 chipset supports PCI Express, so as you'd expect we see a full PCI Express x16 video slot on this board as well as a single PCI Express x4 peripheral slot.

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