AOpen n250a-FR Socket 754 Motherboard

@ 2005/02/17
"PCStats will be focusing in on the AOpen n250a-FR Socket 754 nForce3-250 motherboard in this review. This board supports any Socket 754 AMD Athlon64 or any of AMD's new budget 32-bit AMD Sempron processors. Three DDR memory slots accommodate up to 3GB of non ECC unbuffered PC3200 DDR RAM. Both the socket 754 Athlon64 and Sempron processors run with single channel DDR, as does the nForce3-250 chipset. The nVidia nForce 3 chipset does not support PCI Express, so graphics are provided by a standard AGP8x slot. In terms of onboard features, the n250a-FR motherboard includes an additional Silicon Image Sil3114 Serial ATA/RAID controller, an onboard 5.1 audio codec, a Realtek Gigabit NIC, IEEE 1394 and a dual BIOS feature."

ARTICLE TITLE: AOpen n250a-FR Socket 754Motherboard Review

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