AMD Eyefinity Review

@ 2014/08/11
Fast-forward five years and today's monitors are not only cheaper and more power efficient but with 5 years to mature, Eyefinity technology is a much more viable technology supporting a wide array of gaming titles. As we will show it is also extremely easy to setup thanks to massive improvements to AMD's Catalyst driver and software support, the latest of which allows the end user to incorporate mismatched screen sizes to create an Eyefinity arrangement.

Comment from jmke @ 2014/08/11
good technology, really like it, but for the average Joe it's not ideal, too much tweaking and downloading of patches to fix fov and scaling, making it not a straight out of the box experience for all games

avoid the newest games on release, unless they specifically support eyefinity, wait for a 3rd party patch fromeither "Widescreen Fixer" or "Flawless Widescreen" apps