Core i7-4790K 'Devil's Canyon' overclocking revisited

@ 2014/07/24
Our first attempt at overclocking one of Intel's new "Devil's Canyon" processors was, frankly, a little bit underwhelming. Intel had pitched these new processors as especially good for high clock speeds, thanks to some changes to the heat-transfer and power-delivery bits in the CPU package, but we couldn't get our Core i7-4790K review sample to run any faster than a regular Haswell-based 4770K. Many others in the press saw similar results. We liked other things about Devil's Canyon, such as the 4790K's higher stock clock speeds at the same price as the 4770K, but its overclocking prowess just didn't impress.

Then, frustratingly, we heard whispers from one vocal Intel employee who suggested that final, production versions of Devil's Canyon might perform better. I've gotta say, as a reviewer, ...

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