Thermalright XP-120 Heatsink

@ 2005/02/11
Thermalright designed the heatpipes in this heat sink a bit different. Thermalright states on the web site that orientation of the tubes does not affect the performance. They also claim that the wingspan hanging over the mosfets and Northbridge chip will reduce the PWM temperatures as well. Thermalright also claims this is the first heat sink that configuring either suck or blow will net less than 1% difference in temperatures.

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Comment from Sidney @ 2005/02/11
Check the temp closely; clearly confusing when one review has higher temp for P4 than others. Motherboard temp reporting is highly inaccurate.

P4 2.4C @3 Ghz with over 76C for Intel Stock and over 60C for Thermalright 948U are something to hear about. Then, the next review some guy reported stressed temp of ~mid 40's C for LGA775 using the same cooler. Reading reviews like these only confuse me more.

From now on, I am turning all temps reporting off .... if the system runs stable who cares!! I'd rather be focusing on HOT chicks.