ThermalRock Circle

@ 2005/02/10
Never heard of ThermalRock? Surely you must know Thermaltake, though. No one really knows why Thermaltake decided to split off into a second name, but sure enough both of them are owned by the same people. This new name can only be good news for us. Why? We get to see more goodies, of course. With the announcement of the ThermalRock name, a couple of products have already been introduced and have become available for sale. Most of their products are cases, and if they follow Thermaltake's case history, these cases should offer users plenty of space to work with as well as great cooling performance.

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Comment from Sidney @ 2005/02/10
Everyone jumps into the copy cat mode. Okay, how about NF4 motherboard with processor at almost mid session of the board; would it be efficient still? Or, would wind tunnel fit if so equiped? No temp comparison, why?

The fashion show case is getting up in price.