Foxconn NF4UK8AA-8EKRS nForce4 Ultra Motherboard

@ 2005/02/09
If the buzz and excitement over the new nForce4 boards coming out is any indication of how successful NVIDIA's new chipset will be, then we just might have another nForce2 on our hands. If you wanted the best in Athlon XP performance and overclocking, you looked towards NVIDIA and one of its partner's nForce2 solutions. It's a safe bet that NVIDIA and its partners hope the same happens with the Athlon 64 and its nForce4. No doubt, many enthusiasts are pumped up about SLI, but there's a lot more than SLI to be excited about, including NVIDIA Firewall and RAID.

Comment from easypanic @ 2005/02/09
Eheh, well known over here
Comment from jmke @ 2005/02/09

does the expression "fast eddy" exist in US?
Comment from Sidney @ 2005/02/09
Not too good a OCer. I've read Chaintech NF4 has new BIOS, and it is doing much better..... low price point too.

@Jmke... fast Eddy in catching double posting.