Leadtek Winfast PX6800 GT TDH

@ 2005/02/08
First let me give you a little info on this card. It is built on the NV40 GPU core with 16 pixel pipelines, 4 per quad. The GPU is clocked at 425 MHz and the ram at 1.1GHz. Based on the PCI-E bus this card is built with 256MB of GDDR 3 memory. The card sucks power from the power supply and the PCI-E x16 slot. The AGP version of this card, the A400 GT, features two molex connectors as apposed to 1. I would love to get the A400 and test against this PX6800 GT. Basically I would love to take a high end PCI-E system and test against a very similar AGP system.

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