ThermalTake PurePower 680 watt PSU

@ 2005/02/08
If you have ever read one of my reviews at GruntvillE, you know that I live in Texas and live by the motto, “Bigger is Better”. My 4x4, Mastiff dog, Clydesdale horse, and land are all BIG. In the electronics world, BIGGER isn’t always about physical size, but more power.Today I am reviewing the HUGE Thermaltake PurePower 680watt Power Supply Unit (PSU). This thing is a beast. I am going to put it through the wringer to let you know how “Bigger is Better” with a larger and more powerful PSU. Not only is wattage the BIG item, this PSU has lots of BIG options and specifications.

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Comment from Sidney @ 2005/02/08
Notice the FCC and UL approval for US market - signals performance that meets standard. But size does matter to some cases.