Corsair Flash Voyager USB 2.0 512Mb drive

@ 2005/02/08
Corsair has produced a definite winner with it's Flash Voyager USB flash memory drives. Not o*nly are they fast but extremely durable. The rubberized exterior makes it nearly impervious to any damage from being dropped, and the USB port has a strong silicone seal. The activity light is even encapsulated within clear plastic. The unit is so well sealed water damage should not be a problem, unless the top cap happens to come off.

Benchmark results from SiSoftSandra Professional 2004, Atto, and HD Tach RW all indicated that the Flash Voyager drive performs as advertised. Corsair's entry into the USB 2.0 flash memory market has been a rousing success. It is fast, sturdy, and performs data transfers in a very rapid manner.

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