Phanteks Shows off PH-TC14S and PH-TC14LS Slim CPU Coolers

@ 2014/06/06
Phanteks showed off a pair of interesting slim aluminium fin-stack CPU coolers, the PH-TC14S and PH-TC14LS (pictured in that order below). The PH-TC14S is a unique D-type heatsink, built using two slim black aluminium fin stacks, with the cooler's only fan, a F140HP-PWM, being nestled between the two stacks. The PH-TC14LS, on the other hand, is a compact C-type heatsink, with one slim aluminium fin-stack, and the same F140HP-PWM fan. This fan can take PWM control, and spins between 600 and 1,300 RPM, pushing up to 88.6 CFM of air.

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