Desktop PC – In the Process of Fading into Oblivion?

@ 2005/02/03
For the moment the desktops are continuing to gain power, performance and innovative capabilities like additional security and virtualization, but some think that the times of desktops for all is near its end and in future tiny network terminals that cost a few dollars will replace conventional desktop PCs that are continuing to shrink their retail price.

Comment from Sidney @ 2005/02/03
There are several market segments - and the segments are growing in PC industries-
1) Corporate
2) Small Business
3) Tech (engineering) & Graphics apps
4) Gamers
5) Home Entertainment
6) Communication - Internet Browsing when CPU power is at minimal and pricing is key to lure "new" users.

The last one is the largest "untapped" territory; particularly in "under developed" or "Semi developed" countries; when China becomes the "wide card".

The marketing folks are now focusing on 6th segment, trying to make it sound like there is no other market segment. This is not news .... remember they tiny laptop 6-8 years ago.