The Pentium M on the desktop: DFI's 855GME-MGF

@ 2005/02/02
THE STARS WERE perfectly aligned for this to happen. Since making the move to a new 90nm fabrication process, the Pentium 4 processor has been struggling mightily. Compared to the previous generation, Pentium 4 "Prescott" chips run hotter, consume more power, do less work per clock cycle, and have had a difficult time reaching higher clock speeds that might offset their performance disadvantages.
Their SAT scores are lower, too.

Meanwhile, silent computing and small form factors are on the rise in desktop systems, as consumers become more aware of PC features beyond raw performance. Against this backdrop, certain corners of the market have fixed their gaze firmly on a tantalizing alternative: the Pentium M processor, optimized to deliver solid performance combined with miserly power consumption, that has seen great success in the mobile market as part of the Centrino platform.

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Comment from Sidney @ 2005/02/02
By hook or by crook ..... getting Prescott out of Intel's hands. ..
Right to the obsolescence bin.

OOoops ....

The American saying "Hands caught in the cookie jar." :grum:
Comment from jmke @ 2005/02/02