Pentium 4 630 slower, more expensive claim

@ 2005/02/02
EVEN THOUGH Intel hasn't yet released its Pentium 4 6XX series, nor the Exscream Edition running at 3.73GHz, cheeky French web site X86 Secrets has reviewed them.

And, in startling news for Intel, if it turns out to be true, the Pentium 4 3.73GHz EE is slower than the 3.46GHz Pentium 4 EE on "most benchmarks". The site believes that results from a switch from the earlier and faster Northwood core to a slower Prescott core.

Comment from Sidney @ 2005/02/02
From I've read; Prescott oc'ed to 4 Ghz is slower than Northwood clocked at 3.5Ghz ....

I will keep my Northwood for awhile yet.