OCZ Moves Up DDR-2 Ladder With Boutique Modules

@ 2005/02/02
OCZ's new PC2-5400 DDR-2 modules will be available in a matched pair of modules totaling 1 gigabyte and 2 gigabytes, respectively. The first modules, PC2-5400 EB, will run at speeds of up to 667-MHz using CL 4-2-2-8 timings.

Although OCZ did not announce prices for the new modules, one retailer is selling the pair of modules totalling 2 Gbytes for $710.50. Two "normal" 1-Gbyte 667-MHz PC2-5400 DDR-2 modules normally sell for about $600 online; 2 Gbytes of DDR-1 memory can cost between $200-$340, depending on the speed of the memory used.

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