VIA’s New Chipsets: PT880, PT894, PT894 Pro

@ 2005/01/31
Today VIA is announcing their new PT series of chipsets to the masses. The chipsets that make up the PT series represent the first real alternatives to Intel’s chipsets for the Pentium 4 platform and aim to ease the transition to PCI-Express and DDR-II. All of VIA’s PT products are covered under a ten-year cross license agreement between VIA and Intel. As expected, the majority of motherboard manufacturers will be using the PT chipsets in upcoming boards. Some of these companies include Abit, Asus, Chaintech, Biostar, DFI, EPoX, Gigabyte, MSI and Soltek. The PT chipsets cover a wide range of PCI-Express, AGP and IGP solutions for the Intel platform. VIA’s new PT chipsets include the PT880 Pro, the PT894 and the PT894 Pro. VIA has a four-tier solution with the PT chipsets: StepUp Technology, Performance, Audio and DriveStation.

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Just letting you know that we at VR-Zone have just posted two quick articles, a preview of the new PT Series of chipsets from VIA here: and a quick write up of the launch of the chipsets with a few pictures of the chipsets in use here:

We think VIA has released some worthy chipsets for the Intel crowd,
especially for those who have been somewhat sitting on the fence. Outside
of the upgrade flexibility we've mentioned time and time again today, VIA
has given us a choice when it comes to the LGA775 platform. In terms of
features, we feel it stacks up well against Intel, but we feel that VIA
may have a slight edge here."

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