You own, or prefer to own: MiniPC / Desktop / Laptop

@ 2005/01/31
What kind of PC would you rather own and use every day:

a Mini Barebone PC, a full blown desktop or a lightweight laptop?
Comment from Sarcastro @ 2005/02/15
I currently own all three. I've got a normal desktop a64 which is my gaming / burning machine, a mini PC which I use for LAN parties and a laptop for school / serious business. Of them all, the laptop is the most used computer and I feel that will continue up until my graduation.
Comment from Da_BoKa @ 2005/02/01
Originally posted by The Senile Doctor
loose parts scattered over my bureau.
are you talking about your hardware or your patients
Comment from kr15t0f @ 2005/02/01
first desktop:
- a lot of spacy for extra hdd's,
- good cooling + room for watercooling ....
- higly moddable

2nd: laptop,
- small,
- It can do allmost everything I want from a computer.
- screen, keyboard integrated
- works on batteries

3th:mini pc
- it's small but you can't use it like a laptop because you still need a screen, keyboard etc..
- less possibility for high end cooling
- not much space for extra's (more hdd's etc..)
- I don't like the shape of most mini pcs
Comment from kristos @ 2005/01/31
make that 3

Although I wouldn't mind a nice little SFF PC with a nice big TFT
If only they'd make some good OC boards...
Comment from jakkerd @ 2005/01/31
Originally posted by The Senile Doctor
loose parts scattered over my bureau.
Comment from Sidney @ 2005/01/31
Own all three of them currently and in the past.

1) Laptop good for mobility - if you frequent travel on business; staying in Hotel a lot; or just lazy to surf in your bed; your work is not heavy engineering oriented.

2) Mini - hiding the small box is easier if you have a woman or two around .... they rather see shoes all over the house than a ful tower PC case.

3) Mid or Full Tower - give your friend the impression you know what you are doing ..... impression could mean everything.

So, I have a laptop when I travel; Mini in the family room to drive a big screen TV and manages my music playing; 7 Towers around so my dog must walk carefully around them. Women know you are not easily be controlled and fight over you.

No open bench rig; although it is easy for testing components; it is not a true representation of daily use in both office and home.

Hence, I own a sports car; motorcycles and 4-wheel drive.
Comment from Da_BoKa @ 2005/01/31
laptop: ok for surfing, not for gaming
barebone: small, looks good, silent and is perfect for gaming
Comment from The Senile Doctor @ 2005/01/31
loose parts scattered over my bureau.