Arctic-Cooling Freezer 4 Heat Pipe Cooler

@ 2005/01/31
For those of you that have been building and customizing your own PCs for a while now, the name Arctic-Cooling is probably very familiar. They are very well known for their excellent CPU coolers that not only keep temperatures down, but have done so quietly and at very low cost. One of the things that may have kept many customers away was the performance aspect, for even though Arctic-Cooling makes some of the quietest heatsinks on the market, they tended to only outperform stock units by a few degrees, making them not well suited for overclocking. Today we will take a look at the latest in the Arctic-Cooling line – the Freezer 4. This particular unit is very interesting because it is such a clear diversion from the other heat sinks they produce, with a very odd fan design and two large heatpipes.

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