Newest NVIDIA nForce Professional motherboard from Arima-Rioworks

@ 2005/01/31
After Abit WN-2S+, Asus K8N-DL, Iwill DK8E, DK8E2 DK8S and Tyan Tiger K8WE, Thunder K8SRE, Thunder K8WE, it's now Arima Rioworks's turn, with the HDMA Express, to release a NVIDIA nForce professional motherboard accepting AMD Opteron from grade 240 to 252. The socket 940 motherboard loaded with SATA 2, IEEE1394, PCI Express, PCI-X, Rioworks HDMA Express accept up to 16GB of registered DDR 400 and supports RAID 0, 1, 10., the AMD specialist, has this new server and workstation's killer specification & photo and it's all at:

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