AMD samples Seattle with PR metaphors

@ 2014/04/22
AMD began sampling its Opteron A1100 64-bit ARM processors (codenamed "Seattle") and is already touting using as many mixed metaphors as its PR department can think up.

CEO Rory Read said that Seattle was a "key milestone" in an "ambidextrous strategy" and that the company planned to begin shipping the chips in the final quarter of 2014. After all, left and righted handed people are so dependent on milestones.

Read said Seattle was the industry is first at 28nm technology, positioning AMD as the only SoC provider to bridge the x86 and ARM ecosystems for server applications.

Resorting to a surfing metaphor, Read said that AMD was catching it just as the "wave is forming". This is going to be an important market over the next three, five, 10 years, he claimed. Of course the tube could collapse and leave AMD looking silly with its legs in the air while the board goes flying.

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