Razer DiamondBack - Rodent strikes again...

@ 2005/01/30
The mouse – one of the basic PC devices. It is a small thing but without it – no work is possible never let the playing. Some time ago we only could purchase so called wheel mice – usually white. Nowadays we have lots of possible choices among high-end optical mice - both wireless and corded.. There are mice being produced only to impress us. This is one of the reasons of introducing RazerDiamondBack – the competitor of Logitech MX 510. Right after opening the package, I saw a neat box with Razer exposed. Just like any other box containing a device of that kind - we can clearly see large labels giving information about DPI resolution and 16bit data transmission. Sticker on the left infroms us about 2 years guarantee and there's a bunch of smaller tags on the right showing a number of awards the Razer got so far.


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