XFX GeForce 6600 GT Dual-DVI

@ 2005/01/29
XFX, a division of Pine, has done an excellent job with its
GeForce 6600 GT card. The company knew that it was on to a winner with
the GPU; it's difficult to manufacture a bad one, really. XFX,
intelligently, also knew that bigger NVIDIA partners would probably
steal the limelight unless it did something special to its package. A
pre-overclocked GPU speed was always unlikely, so XFX has gone with
video RAM that runs at a full 20% faster than the default 1000MHz. That
extra memory bandwidth, totalling 19.2GB/s off only a 128-bit bus, is
the reason why XFX's effort is between 5-10% faster than the competition
in the majority of our benchmarks.


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