MSI selling 6800 as 6800GT!

@ 2005/01/28
during our testing of the MSI NX6800GT-T2D256E (PCI-E) we wondered about very low scores in benchmarks.

Further testing showed us that the cards are running with 12 pipelines and not with 16 as they are supposed to be.

Full story here:
Comment from jerr @ 2005/01/30
i bought that card a and it has the same problem .. only 12 pipelines and 5 vertex units

But i was able to unlock the remaining with rivatuner so now my card has the full 16 pipelines and 6 vertex units
The card is fully stable @ 350/1000 .. no artifacts or crashes ..
the only "problem" is that you cant overclock it to ultra settings (400/1100) cuz it gives artifacts ...

I have not decided yet if i will return the card or wait for a official fix from MSI
Comment from Sidney @ 2005/01/28
Done; the title came from the source .... they must have changed it after the release.
Comment from SuAside @ 2005/01/28
just noticed in the article: the title is wrong

it's a standard non-ultra bios thats on the card, not an LE. MSI put up a new bios for the card that should flash it to full GT. might turn out to be a stupid bios ****up @ the production plant...

(why cant i simply edit the above post damn it?!? )
Comment from SuAside @ 2005/01/28
just great...

going the same path asus went?

when will they learn that it doesnt pay to try to fool the hardware community?