Project Lament by ARTbyTROY

@ 2005/01/28
What happens when one the best modders in the modding scene has a love for Horror Movies.
You take one of the scariest movie ever Hellrasier and the opening of the "puzzle box".
Unimaginable things happen!
" A sense of dread and dark foreboding replaced my previous joy as I noticed them standing over me,
I wanted to say something but instead froze motionless as the first one spoke, "Boxes with Windows, windows on boxes.
The Windows and boxes have opened the door... you Googled us and we came". I gained control enough to whimper through clenched teeth,
"I was just looking for something to modify and put a computer into, I don't want any trouble.".
Laughter from the first one as he moved closer to me, bending to pick up the box before standing right over me, he fixed his gaze onto me and again he spoke,
"Trouble, they never seek trouble and yet they always call us and we come. Modification, such an innocent pursuit, but your desire brought us here...
Ahhh, but we do know modification.", almost as quickly as the last words left his mouth the hooks and chains lashed forward ripping my flesh and tearing my soul...


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