Americans distrust Google Glass

@ 2014/04/11
Citizens of the US will give Google Glass a miss because of privacy concerns, according to the latest market research.

A study conducted by market research and data collection firm Toluna indicates that a majority of Americans are not interested in purchasing Google Glass due to concerns about personal privacy.

More than 72 percent of Americans would never wear a pair of Google specs in public because they are worried that private data could become public either through an accident or hackers breaking into the Google Glass software.

They also fear people using Google Glass to remotely record user actions without express consent.

Toluna managing director Mark Simon said: "Google Glass is not yet available on the open market, although it is clear that a high proportion of individuals have concerns about the potential impact on their privacy. This is something Google and other tech companies using the technology should address before the product can become mainstream."

It is expected that Google could fix the privacy stigma of Google Glass by launching an educational campaign when the product is ready to launch.

Google released a list of Google Glass Myths last month to clear up some misconceptions about the device.

Americans are worried that Google Glass could be a safety hazard, particularly when a person is driving.

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