Gigabyte 3D1

@ 2005/01/27
Before I even touch on the real-world feasibility of the 3D1, I
have to say this - The technology is cool. No matter how logically you
try to look at it, the fact that you have a single video card with the
power of two cores is simply drool-worthy, even more so when you imagine
the potential of doing this with higher-end GPUs like the 6800GT or
(heaven forbid, considering the cooling solution and power you'd
require) Ultra. I remember the disappointments of the Rage Fury Maxx and
XGI Volari Duo well, two boards which made it seem that a modern day
dual core GPU was almost in the realms of impossibility. But Gigabyte
have taken a chance, thrown caution to the wind and produced an
outstanding piece of technology - And even better, it actually works!
Sure, this is just a different flavour of SLI, but it has opened the
door to a new plain of possibilities, and that is a very good thing indeed.


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